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Yoga can make your body stronger and more flexible but, perhaps more importantly, it trains your mind to stay present- to help it stop flitting from past to future. Within this process you may find moments of peace in your soul. That may sound "far out" or "hippy", but if you attend one of my classes, you'll know I'm the last person to take myself too seriously. Still intrigued? Read on... 


For me, the ever-evolving postures (sometimes called 'asanas') literally get me out of my head. Breathwork (pranayama) forces me to stay connected to the 'now'. Meditation helps me accept what is.  Taking this off the mat and in to my everyday life is a priceless gift.

The joy of sharing all of this is why I teach.  


Like my personal practice, my teaching is ever-evolving, moving with the times and going with the flow.   Join me either live on zoom or in-person for friendly, inclusive classes.

Always contact me if you're struggling financially so we can work something out.




My classes are currently on zoom and outdoors at different costs (drop-in or class pass) to suit your financial situation. 

adults & teens

Monday 10.30am i360 Deck

Wednesday 5pm (teens zoom)

Thursday 9.30am zoom

Sunday 9.30am zoom

Detox, Yoga & Meditation Programmes, Retreats & Kirtans

Alongside my regular adults and teens classes online and in Brighton & Hove, I teach one-to-ones and private groups. I also cover at several yoga studios in Sussex.



My name is Lucy Small and I’m a deeply passionate yoga teacher, based in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex.  I teach welcoming, open-level classes and organise both in-person and online yoga and meditation retreats. I also work with expert nutritionists, chefs and musicians on detox programmes, wellbeing workshops and kirtan (call-and-response mantras to music)  events.

Since the early noughties I’ve practiced yoga, initially with a seven-year astanga practice in London, before moving to Hove to explore different styles. 


For the past decade I've practiced vinyasa and dynamic flow, yin-yang, meditation, breath work and mindfulness.  My classes are a fusion of all of the above, balancing strong postures with stillness, breath work and often chanting (don't be scared... Om). 


I pride myself in being thoroughly inclusive and friendly, giving lots of different options for lots of different bodies.  I'm also a DJ and radio presenter so my music playlist is meticulously planned.  And I sometimes crack bad jokes.  

Whether you're a complete beginner, an intermediate or "advanced" yogi, I'd love to help you deepen your practice. I hope to see you on the mat soon. 



As someone who has practiced yoga regularly for the last 20 years, I can honestly say Lucy is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve ever had. She has such a calm and honest approach to her teaching and she is incredibly knowledgeable. I just wish I could do her classes every day!

Anna Fox



I have spent many hours selecting, crafting and blending two music mixes for your practice!
I hope you feel the love I’ve put in to them...



Get in touch with any questions. I hope to meet you soon.

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